Everyone wants to live a great life only way to achieve this is by having right information. Our appologies to fellow earth humans as it took us some time to launch the product. We all have suffered a lot during covid. Its time for us humans learning how to live together in peace and harmony. Other living beings can support & live together without jealousy. Human sufferings needed to be addressed now.

Truthfools live is a streaming platform currently we’re trying to solve, become, help our users with-

  • We’re your voice if you would like to remain silent even after knowing action is required to be taken. Things will become worst sooner or later.
  • Truth always has two sides just like coins. Always hear story of both sides.
  • Information helps succeeding in your life. So love what you love wish what you wish to achieve. We’re here to help you achieve happiness.
  • People have huge strength in democratic structure Prime Minister, President, Governor can’t behave like they didn’t matter. They keep indulge in activities or business that will harm you’re family progress later. So speak up.
  • Living on earth will become more tougher if we humans didn’t start to support each other and smart people.
  • Future will be great only if we participate now and try to address issues sooner.
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TruthFools FAQ's

Most platforms rely heavily on the creators data which is later converted into business for others by companies. Content creation takes a lot of times & payouts are very less. The way analytics predict earning estimations and real results are very different. We’re a transparent platform when it comes to how much your content generate revenue for Truthfools.

Payout for platforms varies even though price have been reduced for storing data and cost to run streaming operations have been reduced. Others pay $1 per 1000 views, somewhere it’s $1 per 8000 views. Our platform works much differently and payouts are better, bigger and faster.

Making content worth watching can be very tough & challenging¬† daily. But it could be simpler also content is all about story telling and there’s a lot of things around us. That can be shared keeping in view if it can improve others life. Drama doesn’t sustain longer growth.

Our mission is to address serious issues & bring truth to society. Most people struggle throughout in their lives for better future. Many have little or no hope of improvements in their lives. Life can only become better when we start speaking about it & finding ways we can improve it. Some issues are very serious especially when it comes to governments like torturing anyone who opposes the view of top leader. None of leaders are perfect. It’s liability of “WE THE PEOPLE” to ensure things won’t affect us & others families. Inaction already have brought too many disasters. So start speaking now we already have lost many dearest ones during covid. We’ll be your voice for better future.


The countdown is the time it will take for us to bring changes. We’re seeking highly motivated and talented people who really wants to change the world by helping others. Creators & Gen-Z can help changing the earth to be a better place.

Truthfools payouts, partner programs & many others are ways we offer to help you increase some income and look after your family.

At end of current month and in mid of a next month we payout all our creators to their accounts.

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